Welcome To BonusChamps!

Welcome Aboard!

Our goal here at Bonus Champs is quite simple. Possibly like you, we work in financial markets and spend our lives trying to find opportunities to make profits and earn a big, fat annual bonus check 🙂

In a general sense, we are macro investors, trying to find the big overriding themes that can power our investments for months and years to come. Good long-term bets are hard to find, but realising that new technology does not just develop overnight and that ageing businesses do not generally go out of business quickly, we understand that there are themes that once found, we can ride for sometime to profits, success and alpha.

We Want Alpha!

Hopefully you will understand that this site must be operated anonymously. We, your authors, each hold a position within well-known investment banks. We work those long hours you read about in the media and live the markets. We love it! In fact, we love it so much that we don’t want to jeapordize our jobs for this website. Instead, we want Bonus Champs to be a location where we can share ideas and debate and discuss. Hopefully, by sharing brain juice like this, we can improve our map of reality and all benefit at the same time. If that sounds good to you, congratulations you are in the right place!

We Want Alpha!

We both happen to be very interested in the world. We love reading about firms with new discoveries and business models. You never know where a good investment might be hiding. Therefore, this site will contain information where we have gleaned insight relating to health, technology, blockchain, US stock markets and anything else where we think we can see a great opportunity.

However, we both also know that we have limits. We usually avoid any sort of emerging market investment and it needs to be the greatest opportunity ever for us to want to buy a bond.

Now you know what we are all about, we hope that you will join us in our hunt for exceptional investment returns, alpha and annual bonuses.